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Stop Smoking

Having been an asthmatic since childhood, I used my inhaler around 6 to 8 times a day. Especially over the 17 years that I smoked 40 per day, and following the hypnotherapy 5 years ago with James; I have not smoked, and no longer use inhaler. The effect on my health was amazing, and I am much fitter and healthier, and would thoroughly reccomend this treatment to anyone. Its the best money I have spent in my life. Pat from Newbury.

Have you tried patches, gum and nicotine replacement therapy with no success? Studies have shown that they have less than a 20% success rate and some people get bad side effects, like rashes, nightmares and nausea. I can help you! Try this new improved technique combining, advanced Hypnotherapy with NLP which has a 95% success rate with no side effects other than improving your health and saving you money.

The price includes a free backup session in the unlikely event you may need it. I am pretty confident you will not. As I have helped nearly 2000 people stop smoking and have gone through whole families with no weight gain, cravings or side effects.

As a hypnotherapist I know that hypnosis is a proven, natural method for improving and changing our lives. There are two parts to our minds, our Conscious mind which we use to act, and make decisions with and our subconscious mind, which controls habits like smoking and nail biting.

How Does It Work?
I smoking is a habit, you've become a smoker and the only way you can stop smoking is to practice not smoking. But as soon as you try not to smoke, a voice in your head keeps telling you to have another cigarette. This voice is the addiction it's both physical and mental and hypnotherapy can help override this.
Now you're getting satisfaction from smoking a cigarette and I guess stress relief and enjoyment. I access your subconscious mind and convince it that smoking is no good for you. Then transfer this satisfaction away to something more advantageous to you, things like sport, exercise, time for yourself, socialising, hobbies, family or anything you may choose.
Having done that, I have taken away all the good words from smoking and left behind the bad words, things like poison, smelly, unsociable, cancer and even death and this creates an attitude in your mind to smoking. So we've taken away the satisfaction and changed your attitude to smoking. We can now take away the cigarette and you hardly even miss it. You become a non-smoker, with no side effects. I hope this makes sense.
Put simply, what I do is change your attitude to smoking, turn that voice off in your mind that`s telling you to have another cigarette, (the addiction). You become free and no longer smoke, a non-smoker.

Stop Smoking with advanced hypnotherapy with NLP
This is totally safe and you're in control and aware of everything that's going on at all times. You cannot be made to do anything against your will, Hypnotherapy is a deep relaxing, enjoyable experience.

Please Note There Are Two Types Of Hypnotherapists
A traditional hypnotherapist uses suggestion therapy only, which has a much lower success rate of 20% to 40% depending on the technique and experience of the therapist (which is inferior to our advanced method) often costing £150 to £250 if it doesn't work - its money down the drain.
With my advanced hypnotherapy with NLP techniques I achieve a genuine 95% success rate and the price includes a backup session if required.

Why do People Continue to Smoke?
Because of fear that they'll loose enjoyment, or won't be able to cope with stress so easily. Hypnosis can help overcome all these, both the physical and mental addiction of smoking. With our technique the only side effects you'll get is better health and more money in your pocket to spend.
Please note willpower maybe required to stop smoking

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