Weight loss #01


I have struggled with weight my whole life, trying all sorts of diets to no avail, I would always put the weight back on. Since seeing James my whole relationship with food has changed, I no longer eat compulsively but stick to what I know is healthy and appropiate and I know that my weight loss will be permanent this time. Up to now I have lost one stone without really trying. Inga from Marlow

Having trouble losing weight and keeping it off? Slimming diets not working, or only giving temporary relief? Have you lost the signal to stop eating when full, binge eating on junk food, or have an eating disorders? Are you confused about why you can’t lose weight ?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then I can help you lose weight and keep it off. I’ve helped hundreds of people over the last 15 years to lose weight and keep it off!

Almost half the people I see nowadays are recommendations. We now use the latest improved proven technique of combining NLP with advanced hypnotherapy to change your attitude to food so you only eat when hungry and stop when full. You stop eating for emotional reasons. The result is that your weight reduces naturally, you become fitter, healthier, more confident, happier and more attractive.

Why People Can't Lose Weight
As an Advanced Hypnotherapist I know that most people have tried to lose weight by dieting and usually they lose some weight, only to find they put it back on again - in most cases, even more! Studies have now proven that dieting makes you fat - dieting is a constant struggle for thousands of people. The problem is that diets don't work in the long term; if they did, you would only need one. Most overweight people seem to live their lives on a diet and consequently food becomes the enemy....does this sound familiar to you?

Let's look at the reason why many people find it difficult to lose weight...
Lack of self discipline
Poor eating habits
Lack of self esteem
Negative beliefs
Emotional Crutch
Feeling controlled by food
Hidden food intolerance
There are many reasons why people struggle with their weight, but if there is no known reason, the eating problem may be in the mind (psychological) rather than physical. People eat for many reasons other than hunger - simply because it is a meal 'time to relax at the end of the day.

Some people eat just out of habit, or because food is there to please other people. There are a whole host of reasons, some conscious and some unconscious. Eventually it becomes difficult to actually recognise when you are hungry and when you are not.

To help overcome the above, we use and combine a variety of techniques to find out why you are overeating including NLP. We also help you to get back in tune with your appetite - so you simply eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full. When this happens the weight starts to come off naturally.

Psychological factors addressed include:
Emotional Eating

Eating when angry, stressed, bored, upset or lonely. When we eat for emotional reasons we never feel "satisfied" - because it wasn't hunger that we were trying to satisfy in the first place
Habit Eating
Examples of this are, eating because it is a meal time, break time, or just because we usually do, rather than because we are really hungry, eating a takeaway because we usually do on a Friday night. For example: finishing everything on the plate because we always do, (however big the plate of food is and whether we are hungry or not), always having a biscuit with a cup of tea, always having crisps in the pub with our drink, always having a sweet in a restaurant, because we usually do
Eating because we feel we should
For example, because someone has offered us a piece of cake, we feel we "should" always eat it, if we are out for a meal, we feel we "should" have three courses, if everyone else is eating, we feel that we "should" join in, if we haven't eaten much during the day, or been ill, feeling that we really "should" eat something, even if we are not hungry.
These are all genuine reasons why so many people find it difficult to lose weeight.
We tackle them all and we use a new Powerful effective combination of hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to communicate with the unconscious mind, this is where all of our habits and beliefs are formed. This is the long term answer to weight control.

Hypnosis Really Does Make Losing Weigh Easy!
With my my unique technique I can help make losing weight easy. When you leave you will have a whole new outlook on healthy eating and weight control, and at last you will feel fully in control of your own habits! There will be no feelings of deprivation, no sacrifice, no battles of willpower. Instead you will have the desire to enjoy nutritional, satisfying and delicious foods without ever dieting again. We use the most powerful part of the mind so you instinctively choose healthy foods, avoiding snacks, eating less.

How about a new life? Can you imagine waking up every morning with a positive, confident feeling? Free from the embarrassment of being out of control? What if you could be free of the health problems associated with excessive weight? Feeling healthy, whole and complete without the fatigue and discomfort caused by the unwanted pounds?

This treatment actually changes the desire for such things as fattening, unhealthy foods, into a desire for abundant health, confidence, a slimmer figure, and other things that are particularly important to you. Using a holistic approach, which means, physical, mental and emotional, we can find out exactly which foods are causing you problems and then suggest what foods you need for your body.

Not only that - we can discover which foods you should avoid, as well as changing your mind about what you eat, how much and how often you eat it. It is virtually impossible not to lose weight with this programme, as you will not want to eat the foods that are causing you problems. By asking the right questions, we tailor this process uniquely for you - to change what is going on, thereby eliminating your problem, this means you become slimmer and healthier.

Weight Loss is a Multi Million Pound Industry
Hypnotherapy makes it easy and changes the attitude in your mind to food. You start to see food for what it is. It's not for relieving stress, boredom or for comfort, its just energy for your body. In the same way you wouldn't keep filling up your car with petrol when it's full. You don't need to keep filling up your body with food when it's full.

So we change your attitude to food. It's not about dieting, and there's no need for willpower. A normal person with no weight problem gets a signal from the brain to stop eating when full. Most overweight people have lost that signal and maybe eating 25% more than is required, and this is stored on the body as extra weight. Hypnotherapy brings that signal back.

We merely change your attitude to food so you simply eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full, and only eat to nourish your body and give you energy, and not overeat for emotional reasons such as stress relief, boredom, comfort, worry etc. So your weight reduces naturally.

The Treatment Costs
You can easily recoup the cost of treatments, by the money saving you make by eating less food. It could be one of the best investments you will every make both financially and healthwise.

Weight loss #02


Jules from Windsor

Thanks to james, food is less significant in my life. Food is about survival, not a means to heal pain. I feel lighter and brighter and look forward. And so much more comfortable in my own skin. I would highly reccomend hypnotherapy. As I have lost a stone. So easily and expect to lose more.

Weight loss #03


I have been dieting now for over 30 years and out of control with my food. I am now in control, after seeing James it was my last resort, and the nice thing is after all those years, there is no dieting. I am really happy with the results, I have lost a stone. Sharon from Bracknell.

Weight loss #04


I`ve tried every diet going, but coming to james has been the only thing thats worked. I no longer eat to satisfy negative emotions, and feel in control of my food intake, for the first time. This has passed to every aspect of my life. I`ve dropped a dress size in 8 weeks and know it`ll drop further. I reccomend highly to anyone. Georgina from Newbury

Weight loss #05


I had struggled with weight my whole life, trying all sorts of diets to no avail, I would always put the weight back on. Since seeing James my whole relationship with food has changed, I no longer eat compulsively but stick to what I know is healthy and appropiate and I know that my weight loss will be permanent this time. Up to now I have lost one stone without really trying. Inga from Marlow

Weight loss #06


I had an unhealthy relationship to food before seeing James.
Now I hardly think about it except when I get hungry. I do`nt comfort eat or snack between meals. I`m now a healthy weight and can wear the clothes I want. I`m happy with the way I look and feel I`m in control. Instead of food controlling me. I can recommend James to anyone. Beth.

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