Nail Biting #01


Embarrassed by your unsightly nails? Nail biting is simply the continuation of a childhood habit (thumb-sucking) that brings us comfort when we feel stressed, and responds particularly well to hypnotherapy. Picking at, or biting, the skin around the edges of your nails is a habit that hypnotherapy can also successfully combat.
Three sessions are usually all that's required to put you on track to having hands you'll want to show off, not hide.

'After 36 years of nail biting, I finally decided to stop, so as not to pass this habit on to my son. After seeing James, I've not bitten my nails since, and it's been over 16 months. Shirley from Twyford,
'I bit the skin around my nails and I wanted to stop. I went to the first session and James was great on all fronts. A nice welcoming Man... I believed he actually cared about me personally and could seriously help me! I did all the things he suggested in the sessions and afterwards and to my shock it was working. I knew I wanted it to (and gosh you really have to want it to!) but I didn't know the leaps and bounds I would take... I no longer have my bad habit. By the end of my third session not only had I become a believer in the science of hypnotherapy but enjoyed the trips to visit James. I haven't looked back since and, if I ever falter, I'd be more than happy to re-visit James. Carol from Windsor.

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