Public speaking #01

Public Speaking

Public Speaking is to speak out at either a public function or a meeting - a speech can be for a wedding, a public function, a meeting for a social occasion, a business meeting or a presentation to sell or explain a product or service. Whatever the purpose, advance hypnotherapy can certainly help.

I've helped many people over the years with public speaking for sales presentations, company meetings, lectures and weddings. I have practical hands on experience of public speaking in front of dozens of people and doing sales presentations in my previous career roles, selling various products and I therefore feel I am ideally suited to help you.

As a hypnotherapist in Reading I use a mixture of NLP, counselling, psychotherapy and hypnosis to improve your self-esteem, confidence and advising and guiding you with various techniques.

Public speaking #02


Before I saw James I was a bit nervous, shy, lacking confidence and didn't feel I could talk for work or social occasions I needed to talk at meetings for work and presentations to further my career in sales. I was recommended to James by a friend and this is how hehelped me. Firstly he spent a lot of time listening and understanding my situation.Then he explained how he could help and answered all of my questions. Heimproved my self-esteem as I thought I wasn't good enough. Improved myconfidence and gave me many tips to help me prepare myself, relax, be calm, less self-conscious and in control with the presentation and public speaking. I've never looked back since seeing James. Now I do presentations to up to 20 people at a time and feel I could easily do it to 100. He's certainly improved my career prospects. I can thoroughly recommend this treatment to anyone.

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