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Hypnotherapy in Reading, Bracknell and Maidenhead

I am a fully qualified warm, friendly, caring, advanced hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, in Bracknell. Have a practice for hypnotherapy in Reading, and do hypnosis in Maidenhead. Which is within, easy reach of Basingstoke, and Newbury.
I also now have a clinic in Harley Street.

Whatever you wish to change, about yourself or future, you have already made the first difficult step. Hypnotherapy can give you the confidence to live the life you want.

Do you find yourself always too busy to enjoy your life?
Are the stresses and strains of every day life getting you down?
Do you still get fun and enjoyment in your life?
Do you suffer from stress, panic-attacks, depression, anxiety, phobias, lack confidence, self-esteem, have low motivation, bad memory, fear of public speaking, road rage, anger, bad habits, nail-biting, Jealousy, Relationship problems, IBS, etc?
Would you like to stop smoking, lose weight, overcome eating disorders, reduce your alcohol intake, improve sports performance and regain control of your life?

I can help with all these issues and many more to.

My tailored approach uses a range of proven techniques, to gently but clearly identify and respond to the actual root causes of your issues, regardless of what they may be.

Advanced hypnotherapy with NLP is much more powerful than other types of Hypnotherapy using less sessions, saving you time and money.
Most issues can be resolved with 3 to 5 sessions, Stopping smoking in most cases requires only one session.
I specialise in weight loss having helped hundreds of people lose weight using advanced hypnotherapy with NLP to find and resolve the issues that are responsible for over eating. Please see my weight loss page and hypno-band page for more details.
I also specialise in Stop Smoking having used the Harley street technique. which has been perfected by me. And I`ve stopped over 2000 people smoking. Please see my stop smoking page.
Most of my clients nowadays are recommended to me by previous clients.

I am a Registered Health Care Professional with over 15 years experience and have professional membership with the NRAH, National Register of Advanced Hypnotherapists.
A Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy,
A Diploma in NLP
A Diploma in CBT.
A SQHP, Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice.
A member of the Hypnoband weight Loss System LICENSED PRACTITIONER.
and a member of the CNHC Complementary and natural Health Council.
James Barugh
Both the American Medical Association and the British Medical Association have approved the use of hypnotherapy as a psychotherapeutic tool for over 60 years. You are in control at all times and cannot be made to do anything against your will.

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Stop smoking
I saw James in April 2008 after trying numerous attempts to give up. I was smoking 20-30 cigarettes a day. I was out of breath, had smelly clothes and no money - I needed to give up. After seeing James I came out a non smoker. I felt good, healthy and felt in control. Seeing James has changed my life I could thoroughly recommend him to anyone.

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Weight Loss

I have struggled with weight my whole life, trying all sorts of diets to no avail, I would always put the weight back on. Since seeing James my whole relationship with food has changed, I no longer eat compulsively but stick to what I know is healthy and appropiate and I know that my weight loss will be permanent this time. Up to now I have lost one stone without really trying. Inga from Marlow

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Carolyn from Twyford.
I saw James to improve my confidence and self esteem. Seeing James has totally changed my life I now I say I think I can instead of why even bother. I didn't even enjoy shopping or leaving the house on my own. Now I go on the trains and buses to shop in Windsor and Reading. I have more energy and I am motivated to get out on my own. My self esteem has greatly improved I recently went for a job interview. During the interview, I could not believe how self confident I felt. I smile a lot more than I used to I can recommend James. He will improve your life.

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Flying Phobia

My name is Becky from Reading, I`ve been frightened of flying ever since a bad experience from turbulence coming home from America. Even though it has not put me off travelling I get anxiety every time I travel. I`ve seen James for a couple of weeks and my experience of flying now is great
I want to explore new places and feel this great all the time while travelling, I will reccomend this treatment to anyone.

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I am committed to training to ensure I am qualified in the latest and most effective Hypnotherapy, NLP, and CBT techniques. An NHS registered complimentary therapist and a member of the CNHC Complementary and natural Health Council.

I have specialist training in the following:-

Stop-smoking, Weight-loss, Eating-disorders, Hypnoband for weight loss, Virtual Gastric Band for weight loss, Phobias and fears, Stress, Anger, Confidence, Self-esteem, Pain, Alcohol, Addictions, IBS, Shyness, Jealousy, Nail Biting, Public Speaking, Insomnia, Relationship problems etc.

A Professional Confidential Advanced Hypnotherapist, and NLP Practitioner practicing full-time. With over 15 years experience. About half the people, He sees nowadays are recommendations,and can help you with the following:-

Confidence, Self-esteem, Public-speaking, Stress, Phobias or fears, Anxiety Panic-attacks, Weight-loss, Hypnoband, Eating-disorders, Stop-smoking, Anger, Bad-habits, Blushing, Relationship-problems, Sports-improvement, Jealousy, Nail-biting, IBS, etc.

James Barugh is a fully qualified advanced hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner, in Bracknell, has a practice for hypnotherapy in Reading, and does hypnosis in Maidenhead. Which is within, easy reach of Basingstoke, and Newbury.

Offering you a professional confidential service, to help you change your life for the better. I currently practices full time in highly successful busy hypnosis and hypnotherapy clinics, in which I have seen thousands of delighted clients covering a wide range of issues.

You are very welcome to call me for a FREE no obligation consultation to discuss your particular area of concern and I can answer all your questions. If my phone goes to voice mail, I maybe with a client, please leave a message and I will call you back ASAP.

Call 07947 609970 (24 hours)

Reading 01189 639302 (24 hours)

Maidenhead 01628 439150 (24 hours)

Bracknell 01344 609020 (24 hours)

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